Monday, July 31, 2017

Continuing My Education: What is Life? Biology 101

Khan Academy online course, Intro to Biology
Since I graduated from UCLA with a BA in Art, defining myself as an artist has been a big deal for me...I accept the best and the worst of what that means. So here I am producing science is that going to work?

Anim8Nature will be a web-based resource to inspire environmental stewardship built around 10 short animated life cycles of a variety of organisms. Writing and art-making lesson plans will be included to explore the concepts presented in the animations. I am producing and creating the animation.

Emphatically this is a very collaborative project. I am working with a host of educators and scientists as this develops. As an artist I have been a keen observer of nature and active participant in life outdoor since I was very little. My eye and intuitive skills as an observer serve me well in my capacity as an educator and give me great confidence moving forward.

graphic from Khan Academy online Intro to Biology course
However, I am concerned about effectively communicating with the scientists I am consulting. I don't know a lot of the proper terminology and that matters. So I have decided to take a Khan Academy Into to Biology course. Oddly enough, it just sort of appeared in my inbox one day.

I have just started but was really stimulated by the first lesson: What is Life? Turns out there is no simple black and white answer. It was a very informative and thought provoking conversation and I'm excited about how this will add to my Anim8Nature project.

I am really looking forward to this course and recommend if you have a topic of interest you are curious about, check out Khan Academy.

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