Saturday, July 22, 2017

Anim8Nature Production Collaborator: Dr. John Styrsky

Dogwood Stone Circle  Caran d'Ache crayons  Kristin Reiber Harris

When I was teaching at Lynchburg College I met Dr. John Styrsky who is now the chair of the Biology Department. Our collaboration at that time revolved around the college's specimen collection. John lent me objects to study and include in my drawings. It was mostly moths and butterflies, some shells. These drawings are from that series.

Stone Circle Grasses  graphite  Kristin Reiber Harris
I enjoyed hearing about his research in Central America and appreciated this interest in my work. Recently John has reviewed the first two animations in the Anim8Nature series of life cycles. As an artist not a scientist, I want to be sure that I am not unintentionally creating artwork or sequences that are misleading. I do my research but it is primarily visual. I look forward to continuing to work with John as this production moves forward.

Anim8Nature: Monarch Butterfly 

When I expanded my universe from the world of fine art and graphic design to include video production (for me animation), I was really impressed with the spirit of collaboration that I saw among my fellow professionals. I soon came to realize it is an essential ingredient in media production. It is the expertise of many that make a production successful. Producing Anim8Nature now, I am working hard to find collaborators to make this project exceptional, that includes educators, scientists and media producers.

Stay tuned.

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