Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Nature in the Neighborhood: Sycamore Trees in Brooklyn

Sycamore bark on the sidewalk  Photo:Kristin Harris
Even in major urban centers, natural wonders are as close as the sidewalk. I recently spent time in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn where I always enjoy the proliferation of sycamore trees along the streets and in the parks.

On a hot July afternoon, these wonderful trees that line the street offered much appreciated shade and a beautiful carpet of bark on the sidewalk.

Sycamore tree   Photo:Kristin Harris
This old tree has a wonderful patterned bark that I find endlessly entertaining and the easy way to identify sycamores.

My first really noticed sycamore trees when I walked along the Potomac River as a kid. At River Bend Park, up stream from Great Falls, lovely old sycamore trees reach out over the water to get the most sun. I see them here too in Central Virginia on my walks in the woods and along the Black Water Creek.

Do you have any in your neighborhood?

Kristin Harris

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