Friday, November 2, 2018

Rewilding: 12 Years of Connecting with Nature Part1

What I Learned from the Trees

I grew up on the edge of the woods and I am always drawn to the trees around me.
The past 12 years I have lived in Central Virginia on a 3 acre plot of land that borders the Blackwater Creek Natural Area. I have enjoyed working/wandering my own little plot but spent many hours walking the trails along the creek and biking on the bike path that crosses the James River.

Trees in the Yard

Almost all of the artwork I have created since coming to Lynchburg is a direct reflection of my engagement with this place. A huge magnolia tree graces my backyard. I frequently took branches from that tree for my students at Lynchburg College to draw during class. It didn't take me long to join in the fun and start my own series of magnolia drawings.

 Magnolia Branch One
mixed media on paper

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