Friday, December 15, 2017

Animating the 4th Grade: Part 2

On Monday, I had the pleasure of working with approximately 90 students at Greenbriar East Elementary School in Fairfax County, Virginia. I was invited to help every student in the 4th grade explore science with art and animation. I met with two classes in November and these were the remaining three classrooms of 4th graders. 

Art teacher Christie Miller in her classroom with students getting ready to start working on their animations. Greenbriar East staff assistance during the workshops played a major role in our success.

As I mentioned in this post, teaching 30 students at a time with these tools (PC laptop and a web-based application) was not what I considered ideal. My workshops are generally with iPads and less than 10 students per session. The staff convinced me how important it is to give their students instruction with tools they can access 24/7.

I am so pleased to have found an appropriate animation tool and developed a curriculum that I tested during these five workshops. I determined that this kind of learning environment can be very successful.

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