Saturday, July 21, 2018

Free Resources for Teachers and Parents: NAAEE

I don't remember how I found the North American Association for Environmental Education website.  However, I realized immediately that it was a fabulous resource. 
Image from the NAAEE website
NAAEE has members in more than 30 countries with more than 16,000 members. Members are professionals with a focus on environmental education across business, government, higher education, formal (K–12) education, non-formal education, early childhood education, science education and STEM, and other sectors of society.

I am pleased that Anim8Nature's workshops and animated documentaries are now listed in NAAEE's collection of resources. We want as many environmental educators, classroom teachers and parents to take advantage of our animated documentaries as possible. They are accessible in any language.

We are working on making our workshop resource available via the web as well. Currently we are based in the Mid-Atlantic of the USA. 

This webinar with Michael Margolis of is one of our favorite resources from NAAEE's monthly webinar series. 

Take advantage of this wonderful wealth of knowledge. I participate primarily through the eePRO groups. I am a member of Connecting to Nature and E-STEM Education. Email notifications alert me to new resources and other community conversations for my topics of interest.  

Thank you NAAEE for a providing these resources.

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