Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Oak Leaf: A Life Story - The Production Journal

Watching falling leaves is one of my great pleasures in life. Who would have ever guessed something so simple could be so mesmerizing. If I choose to analyse it, I'd say it is the complete abandon with which they "accept" their fate that I find so intriguing. That might suggest that I can tell a happy leaf from one in distress....interesting idea but I can't. I am guessing.

I am pleased to be returning to my LIfe Cycle series of animated short with this current project Oak Leaf: A Life Story. Yes, I did a short about the life cycle of an acorn but this new project is leaf specific. Why?

Pin Oak, gesture 1

I am totally awed by these solar factories that perform such important work in concert with each other. A mature oak tree can have 700,00 leaves and they all work together. Add to that the beauty of their varied shapes and sizes and I want to learn more.

A book and a documentary have energized my interest in the story of the wisdom on Mother Nature, what we can learn and in fact what we must impliment.  Going Circular is an inspiring documentary about the natural world as one living system that has supported itself for millennia until we upset the balance. Nature does not produce waste. Everything is used and reused in a balance we have upset. Nature has no landfills. The book is Douglas W. Tallamy's The Nature of Oaks. I will reference both of these resources often.

PIn Oak, gesture 2

In addition to my research, I am warming up for this project with gesture drawings I will use for my final artwork. 

PIn Oak, gesture 3

Stay with me on this journey and marvel with me as we explore the ingenuity of our living Earth and Mother Nature.

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