Saturday, January 8, 2022

It's the Little Things that Unite Us

Best wishes for a Happy, Healthy, Productive 2022. If you were like me, this holiday season had its ups and downs. I was happy to have family visiting and saddened by the consequences of the pandemic. 

The good news is that taking a break often brings insight and inspiration. I am reaping those rewards now.  I have challenged myself to create an animated short that demonstrates James Lovelock’s Gaia Theory that all life on Earth is connected. I want to tell this animated story by weaving together natural objects from my neighborhood in Brooklyn with the principles of the Gaia Theory. Where do I start?

I wanted to bring in my childhood on an old farm in Virginia, my life here with my grandson as we explore the local flora and fauna and the seasonal changes as reflected in an urban environment.   Wow, overload. My vision was so expansive, I was just stymied as to how to proceed. 

English Oak, mixed media on paper, 18"x24", 2021

My latest inspiration has come from the fine art work I have been doing over the holidays. I was very happy to share evenings with my son and sister. I was frequently drawing while we were visiting. Fortunately my sister was interested in the process and didn’t complain!

Collected treasures taped on my studio wall

Just a little background. I take a walk everyday. Since the beginning of fall, I have been compelled each day to pick up some natural treasure along the way. These have most frequently been leaves. They were taped on my studio wall to admire. When I decided to change my fine art focus from collage back to mixed media botanical drawings on paper, the leaves on the wall were center stage. Here are a few of the drawings from the holidays.

Leaves: Tree of Heaven, mixed media on paper, 18"x24", 2021

Leaves: European Beech, mixed media on paper, 18"x24"

How have these drawings inspired me and provided a foundation for my script and storyboards for this animation? Focusing on the tiniest of aspects of the natural world, as I am currently doing in my drawings, intrigues me. I feel like they are crumbs that leave a trail to be followed that “demonstrates” the connection of all life. The more diverse these small object crumbs, the more interesting the story/animation will be. My research continues with James Lovelock’s book, Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth. His writing is so engaging and accessible.

Pin Oak Acorns, mixed media on paper, 18"x24", 2022

Have you seen art/media that you feel successfully demonstrates this very narrow and simultaneously very wide view of the connection of all life? 

Thank you for your interest in my work and joining me on this journey. Your thoughts and feedback are always important to me. 

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  1. Love the leaves! This art complements the books I have been reading lately - The Overstory and Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest. Thank you!


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